Just what does AntiContent Project (ACP) mean? I will admit I wasn't too sure 2 and a half years ago when Bill and his friend Jimmy came up with the idea for this project.  However, as the idea has taken shape more an more over the last couple years, it becomes increasingly exciting!  If you are a military member, veteran or military spouse, you have likely often dealt with the stereotypes of the military--we as a community are often seen as one one of two types of people--those who are PTSD crazed trained killers waiting to explode, or the military member/family member to be venerated for service and who can be seen to do no wrong.  In reality, we are human beings, we have many of the same thoughts, fears, pleasures and idiosyncrasies  as any other human being.  However, our portrayal in media lends itself to the stereotypes.  ACP seeks to change the narrative, to humanize the military community, and give us a sense of community.
Military life can be hard, but at least while we are in, we can take joy in serving together, and being in the "fight" side by side.  Once you leave the military, that community aspect often disintegrates.  And this can lead to feelings of isolation and frustration.  If you are dealing with the Veterans Administration, you may deal with a whole other set of frustrations.  However, if we can create an environment where we can hang on to that sense of community, and at the same time help our communities at large to better understand us, we will do us all a great service.
I am Genevieve O'Brien, I served in the USAF for a little over 5 years as an Intelligence Analyst. I deployed twice, spent a year in South Korea, and a few years in the United Kingdom.  I met my husband while in the Air Force, and we now have two children.  I am out of the military now, but am still a military spouse, and a veteran.  I have been navigating the VA disability system for over 7 years now, and have had a wide variety of experiences. I am now working to help military veterans and spouses and other community members to start their own businesses, understand management practices, and even doing some web design.  We are facing a change in lifestyle next year when my husband, and founder of ACP will be leaving the military, I know that the transition to civilian life can be both challenging and rewarding.  I look forward to sharing with you over the next several years, and seeing what we can achieve through the joy of community!